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  1. Hi all!
    Does SJSU accept nursing students ONLY based on impaction score? My five Pre-Req gpa (anatomy, physiology, microbiology, english, statistics) is 3.53, and my last 30 units is 4.0, I have't taken the TEAS yet, but assuming I score around the high 80's, this would mean my impaction score is pretty good right?
    I'm worried because outside the impaction score, I did get a C on a intro to Chemistry class, although its not part of the impaction calculation it is part of the "remaining 4 pre reqs courses" which is intro to chem, organic chem, english and communications. On the site it just says I have to have a 3.0 in those remaining of 4 pre reqs classes, complete the 5 pre reqs courses within 5 years, gpa in 5 pre req courses be at least 2.75 and gpa in last 30 units be at least 3.0, if you meet those requirements then you are eligible to be considered for the impaction score. In order to be ranked with the impaction score, students need to meet those criteria above.
    So my question is do they really only look at your impaction score for acceptance?
    Sorry for the long and confusing post!
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