Sharp Hospital Volunteers - Nursing Career Forum (San Diego)

  1. Sharp is holding a career forum this Wed 3/6 for current volunteers who have graduated or are graduating in the next year.

    I'm not quite there yet, but was wondering if any of you attend, can you please let me know what they discuss? I'm so curious to know what the job outlook is, whether volunteers are given interview priority, etc...

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  3. by   KristinaT
    I got the same email--I'm not to that point either, I'm applying to nursing schools now. But I'd love to know what they have to say too. We should just go and say we're graduating so we can have an idea, haha.
  4. by   KMLSanDiego
    Ha! I'd try that if I weren't in class at that time. I'm calling today to see if I can get a summary or some kind of minutes of what they discuss.