RN license in more than one state? NCLEX in New York applicable to any state? - page 2

I'm in a BSN program in New York. I would like to get my RN license in California as well (where I'm from). I don't want to sound novice, but can you have a RN license in more than one state at a... Read More

  1. by   RNsRWe
    You aren't "transferring" your license. You can have as many endorsements to work in as many States as you like (provided you meet each State's application criteria). You can choose to let an endorsement expire (in which case you'd need to reapply to gain the license to work in that State again). Or you can keep them all up. Travel nurses often have many such licenses active and ready to go
  2. by   anjushasasikumar25
    Hello Everyone ,
    I was trying to find answers to my question and I stumbled upon this . But I was wondering , if one can proceed to transfer or endorse the license obtained , without working in the place you get your license from ? Example , I am currently in California , but looking at the rare possibilities to obtain a license here , I plan to apply for Texas . If I happen to clear my RN exam , will I have to stay and work in Texas before I apply for endorsement to California ?