Rio Salado Online A&P and Santa Ana College

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone who had taken A&P online from Rio Salado or CCConline ever had a problem getting these online prereqs transferred to Santa Ana College in Orange County, CA. I worry that they would not accept it due to the lab being online or done thru CD slides. In terms of rigor, the online class I heard, is as rigorous as the traditional on-campus class. I just can't see why they would have a problem accepting it, unless their thinking is way behind the times.

    Anyway, I plan to take the science prereqs online, if possible, and use them to apply for the RN program.

    I've tried every semester to get into the A&P classes at Santa Ana Community College, but no luck. Just like the RN program itself, the prerequisite classes are impacted as well.

    I actually have to take some useless classes just so I can accumulate enough credits to get the earlier priority registration dates for enrollment for future semesters. This is really awful. It should be first-come, first served basis. Whoever registers earlier should get into the class first, rightfully so.
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