Question about "Hospital New Grad Programs"

  1. I am graduating in May 2007, and I will take my NCLEX exam shortly thereafter. I was looking at a few "New Grad Pprograms" in the Los Angeles area. I don't want to make a mistake and I am a bit confused on which one is the best.
    I want to start my new nursing career on the right foot. The following hospitals all offer "New Grad Programs":
    UCLA, Cedar-Sinai, St Johns Health Center, USC Hospital, Children hospitals, Memorial Care, Good Samaritan Hospital.
    What should I be looking for the most?
    Money, length of the commitment, benefits, the hospital itself etc....?
    How do I assess the various programs?
    Should I try to get an interview with all of them and then make a decision?
    On what basis did you make your decision when you went for your first job?
    Does anyone have experiences working for the hospital I mentioned above?
    Thank you in advance for your help.
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  3. by   batasMTR_RN
    hello.. i am undergoing thenew graduate program of the citrus valley... you may wnat to send me pm soi can tell you details... thanks