Post your salaries...

  1. Im starting this thread with one objective: give CA nurses information as to how much they are getting paid, in and around southern california. Kindly follow the format below so we can be more consistent.

    Thanks for your participation!

    Unit: telemetry
    Status: full time
    yrs of experience: 1
    salary: 22/hr (x1.5 after 8 hrs.)
    hospital: chino valley medical center

    peace :spin:
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  3. by   shodobe
    I think you find this old hat" because it has been done many times. Do a search and you will find many subjects on it. Even if the threads are a little old nothing will have changed that much.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Guess I'm an old fogey . . . not supposed to talk about how much money you make and not supposed to ask others.

    I do think there is a website that has salary ranges though - probably in one of the other many threads on this issue.

  5. by   sirI
    Yes, MANY threads in several different forums about this.

    Here is the last one (with the above format), now closed: