Pay difference between grads of RN-BSN CSU ISU UCLA schools?

  1. I am curious if employers would look at a BSN grad any differently and pay them differently depending on which school they graduated from? Does anyone know how the schools below rank? Is there one that is regarded as better than the other? Is there a significant difference in salaries?
    1. Cal State Dominguez Hills RN-BSN
    2. Indiana State University RN-BSN
    3. UCLA Los Angeles RN-BSN
    Thank you
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  3. by   vashtee
    My hospital doesn't pay any more for a BSN versus an ASN. Everyone starts at the same new-grad rate, regardless of what degree or school you went to. A nurse is a nurse is a nurse...
  4. by   caliotter3
    Employers do not use school as a criteria for pay. Most of the time they do not distinguish between educational degree either. They look at whether the applicant has an RN license (or LVN license) and the amount and type of experience the applicant possesses.
  5. by   lifecycle1898
    UCLA doesn't pay it's own BSN grads any more.