Need Expert Nurse Advice!!!!

  1. hello everyone!
    i have an important question regarding lvn school. i should be starting a hospital based nursing school in mid march (if all goes well). only problem is, it's going to set me back about $32,000 !!!!! so i've been doing some research and found out that a local adult school is offering lvn for about $8,000!!! will earning a degree through adult school lower my chances to get a position in a hospital? is adult school as authentic as cc or tech schools? i need any and all info please!!!!!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Absolutely do not spend $32,000 on an LVN program.

    Definitely take the $8,000 route to becoming an LVN.

    California hospitals do not really care where you attended school. Their main concern is that you are a warm body with a license who is ready to fill their staffing voids.