National University question

  1. Hi does anyone know how difficult it is to get into National University nursing program? Could you give me average gpa and teas scores? Also what is your overall thoughts on the program?
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  3. by   Rose_j
    Look up national university cohort 40-55, any of them, they have lots of info. I was accepted into cohort 55 my first try. 3.7 science GPA, 90 TEAS and there is also a graded essay.
  4. by   global2bsn
    Hello! Each cohort has their own cutoff depending on how competitive the candidates are. San Diego is the most competitive from what it seems. I applied for cohort 20 in LA.

    GPA: 4.0
    TEAS: 86
    ESSAY: 4/5
    Point total: 90.2

    Not sure what the cutoff for my cohort was. In past years, it fluctuates around 85, but this year the most recent cohort in SD had a cutoff of 87.
  5. by   Mr_Edwino
    Above info is correct, the cutoff for overall points is about 85-87 based on the last three cohorts. I'd say a teas score of 85 and gpa 3.5 is competitive, but you still need to knock it out of the ballpark on the essay as well. The program is fine, don't have anything to compare it to, but I know it's competitive and it goes very fast. Accelerated programs are not for everyone. Choose wisely