LVN to RN Goldenwest/Saddleback

  1. I'll be getting my liscense in a year. Is it a hard process to follow through for each of these colleges?
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  3. by   sweetface
    I spoke to the teacher at Saddleback. She said if you went thru a vocational college for LVN and entered the Bridging program that vocational students have a harder time because it's harder than a vocational school.

    Call a councilor and ask to speak with the teacher of the birdge program.
  4. by   Jme2007
    I can only speak for GWC, I did the bridge program after being an LVN with no hospital experience and just graduated. I have to admit that is was a struggle for me. I did fine clinically but poorly on exams. I felt that GWC "threw" us into the mold without orientation. I think that LVNs struggle or are known to struggle just because they are not familiar with the way the certain school wants things done so they deal with adjustment. The students that go through the whole 2 year program are more confident and have been "molded", if you will. I heard good things about both schools but Cypress has got the highest passing rates and a good bridge program. The director of my LVN program is now a full time instructor at Saddleback. Good luck to you and your new endeavor!