LVN to BSN with ISU?

  1. Hi, has anyone went with the lvn to bsn though Indiana State University? They sent me information on it but I am not sure if it is worth it. Other wise the University of phoenix has a lvn to bsn program. Has anyone tried either school? Which one is better?
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  3. by   tropicbound
    I met with an ISU (actually College Network) advisor (salesperson) last week. the program is legit in CA since clinicals are through Sonoma State. UOP's LVN to BSN program is through their Modesto (south of Sacramento) campus. There are some good forum threads on both in the LVN to RN/BSN and Distance Learning forums.

    I am finishing my LVN the end of May and am looking at options to get my RN as quickly as possible. So these are two pgms I looked into, in addition to conventional schools. Good Luck!
  4. by   maxcrx
    Well be sure that you will be spending more than 3-4 years getting your BSN..I made a thread about them so find my post and read up...I met with the rep of College network.