Los Angeles Air Force Base - Hospital & MSN Programs

  1. My husband is in the AF & we may be moving here from TX. I am a pedi RN w/6 yrs experience. Wanting info on area hospitals by the base & info on PNP programs. I'd preferred to get back to a teaching hospital... And someone, anyone... lie to me a tell me the traffic won't be THAT bad?
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  3. by   okikuma
    Contact the UCLA Medical Center. That's the closest teaching hospital. www.mednet.ucla.edu
  4. by   CAguyinMO
    Welcome, in advance, to LA. I was born and raised there, and I worked for 5 years almost across the street from the LA Air Force Base. It's an amazing place to live, but the crowding, congestion and traffic are horrific -- almost biblical -- particularly in that part of town. Just accept it (because you can't do anything about it), and enjoy all that Southern California has to offer. The positives, in my opinion, far outweigh the negatives.
  5. by   karmyk
    UCLA is your best bet.

    Congratulations! Despite the traffic, it's a great area (once you get used to how crowded it is).