Kaplan & Carrington Sacramento

  1. does anyone know for sure how much Kaplan & carringtons LVN programs cost, if they have finacial aid, pell grants, student loans, if they except the GI Bill, and if they except pre reqs from charles a jones? please let me know id greatly appreciate it!
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  3. by   vintagemother
    I think Kaplan is 35K and Carrington is 43K. But, don't make comparisons on price alone. Consider cost of prereqs and time to complete. Also, depending on your funding source, GI, Grants, WIA, Cash, you may qualify for a discount or better financing at a school that doesn't, at face value, appear cheapest. From what I understand, many private schools accepts CAJ prereqs, but don't quote me on that. If you want to attend a particular school, get copies of your course descriptions and go to the school to find out what will transfer in. I think you can use Pell and Fed Student Loans at either school.