Job market for ADN?

  1. I'm planning to become a CNM in the future. This is a career change for me. I have a family and would like to make it through this process with no debt! I have extensive experience as a perinatal social worker and plan to have my IBCLC certificate before entering nursing school. My plan is to do an ADN program. Then as soon as I graduate, I plan to enter an ADN/RN-BSN bridge then an online BSN-CNM program while I'm working. I know this is a longer process, but it is the only way I can figure out how to make it through with no debt. How hard will it be for me to get a job in L&D with an ADN? Will having hospital experience as a Medical Perinatal Social Worker plus being an IBCLC make me competitive enough to land a job in the LA/OC area while I'm working towards my BSN?
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