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  1. I just saw this place online. They have some job openings in the Fresno area and i just wondered if anyone had any experience with them. Part of my back ground is in Geri-Psych, a locked unit..

    any info, advice, anything would be great!

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  3. by   caliotter3
    I remember many years ago that someone I worked with in the Monterey area came from one of their facilities and did not recommend working there. I don't really remember what the issues were. I think they were talking about the chain being like many others, too involved with cutting costs to show much concern for their employees or the residents. This is only a vague memory and is based on the experiences related by one person. I would imagine that these facilities would be like any other geri psych facility. You might find a good situation, then again, it might not be so good. Perhaps a part time or per diem job would give you a chance to try out the facility to see if you want to go full time. Good luck.