how to transfer cna certification/license from california to las vegas?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a newbie and this site is really a big help..

    Anyway guys i have a question bout tranferring certification from cali to vegas..i'm not yet CNA but i'm searching now so by the time i get my license (i hope i'll pass all the exam)i know what to do..I'm really from las vegas and i jst came here in california to study for CNA and work for couple of months to gain experience and then i'm going back to las vegas..i know theres a lot of school in vegas but me and my husband cant afford it so my aunt is the one paying all my expenses..i dont wanna tranfer here or live here in cali cuz my husband is in vegas..

    So guys How am i going to transfer my certification..?Do i need to take an exam again in vegas..?Do i need to work first here in cali before i can transfer my license in las vegas..Please i guys know what to do please tell me..

    Thanks in Advance..God bless..
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  3. by   pandamama
    Hi there--

    I have a similar situation.. I completed my CNA training in CA and will be moving to Vegas next month. I would like to know how to transfer my certification from CA to Vegas, I do know that I need to work first before I can be able to apply for reciprocity to another state, which I have. I just want to know what the next step is?

    Hoping to get a response soon.
    Thank you in advanced!
  4. by   Sliva
    State of Nevada - CNA Instructions

    How to "transfer" a CNA certificate: You will need to apply for a CNA certificate by endorsement. Click on the link to the right for additional information.

    click on this one: CNA Endorsement Form

    I found this site hope it helps. I also am transfering my cna

    Here is where you will mail it too:

    General questions about the Licensing & Certification program should be directed to the phone numbers and address listed below.
    • General Questions: (916) 552-8700
    • Toll Free: (800) 236-9747
    • California Department of Public Health
      Licensing and Certification
      P.O. Box 997377, MS 3000
      Sacramento, California 95899-7377