How important is the application essay for ABSN programs?

  1. I'm currently prepping my applications to send them in for the fall application window, and I'm just curious how important are the application essays in relation to your academics and test scores?

    My undergrad GPA wasn't particularly great, but I did pretty well on my pre-req classes and also on my TEAS, but I'm a bit worried about the essay part.

    I'm applying for the Mount Saint Mary's College AccBSN program.

    and this is what they were looking for on the essay:

    Please answer in two to three typewritten pages.
    1. Why are you choosing a career in nursing at this time?
    2. What experiences have you had in the health care field?
    3. What are your short- and long-term goals?
    4. How have you planned (financially and personally) for the year of full-time study in this accelerated program?

    is this typical of what other schools are looking for in their application essays?
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