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  1. Hi, I'm just wondering when I should start applying for new grad programs/jobs? I'm graduating in August and have been looking into various hospitals and some hospitals don't have any specific new grad program start dates, however there are positions I could apply for and still be hired on as a new grad (not sure how that works). Any advice would help, thanks!
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  3. by   student200977
    Some say wait till you get your license, others say it's better to apply early before you even graduate. I've called several hospitals and they welcome applications from new grads that will be graduating soon. Most of the new grad programs in CA start in July-Aug. Since your graduating in Aug, it might be too late for you, for the programs starting this summer. The next ones are usually the beginning of the following year, and some hospitals offer them every few months. I've heard that people that apply early before graduating land a job faster, than those that wait till they get their license. You should call the hospitals your interested in and ask them about their new grad programs because it all varies. :spin: