Glendale CC-Spring 2013

  1. Anyone applied or didn't get picked last semester and Kept application for upcoming semester waiting to receive a letter or notification of acceptance? Not sure when they are sent out but I assume soon.
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  3. by   George_Y
    Yes Ive applied, now just waiting on a response. They said they would send them out sometime in December.
    what are your stats btw?
  4. by   Luckycharns
    Hi applied and waiting. I got worried because it was cutting it close but I called gcc and the lady there said notices would be sent out the first week of good luck all of you..
  5. by   jchw81
    My stats? I applied last round so hopefully I receive something in the mail or e-mail. I'm going to Santa Monica College nursing orientation on Friday but I'm an alternate and hopefully i'll get it there. If not then Glendale is my other choice. Good luck!
  6. by   rnr13
    FYI to all those waiting....I received my acceptance letter for the standard program today, so you should be getting yours soon. FINALLY! I've been applying for 4 years (to other programs, this was my first attempt for GCC). Good luck to everyone!
  7. by   Luckycharns
    Guys, I also just got the letter today too. Rnr13, congrats, Monday or Tuesday orientation??GL to the rest of you all
  8. by   rnr13
    Thanks. Same to you, Luckycharms. Tuesday orientation.
  9. by   dhanhan
    I received an acceptance to the night/weekend program but will be giving it up. If there were any alternates out there, one of you may be getting my spot!