future employers for a new grad in SF, any suggestions?

  1. I've noticed that there are several new graduate nurses that are moving to SF area. I hope that they benefit from responses to this thread as well.
    I recently graduated from a bsn program in the east coast, and I am now living in San Francisco. I know that I don't have much interest in maternity and pediatrics. My interests include telemetry, oncology, and ICU. I prefer to work in the city. There seems to be a few hospitals in the area, and I'm just wondering if any of worked or are currently employed in hospitals in SF. I'd like to hear about your experiences, feedback, etc. about these hospitals, such as UCSF, Laguna Honda, St. Lukes, etc. You may email me if you prefer to correspond privately. Also, which floors (in general), are conducive for a new grad? I appreciate your responses and looking forward to hearing about them.

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