Fresno City Paradigm

  1. Hello, I to am waiting. This is my first time applying. Since I was not selected , I have to wait for Spring' 11 cylce. Can anyone tell me which Hospitals are affiliated with the Fresno City Paradigm program?

    Thank You
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  3. by   queensqueen
    you have to work either of the hospital around fresno city, which includes all community hospitals including madera community hospital, keiser, saint agnes. every hospital has different requirement. not to discourage you, but some of them are really packed with their staff. try lvn rout. i am waiting in the same program also. it was my second time. hope this will help, any other concern welcome.
  4. by   heatheryk
    You might try COS in Visalia if you have good grades and a good teas score. COS accepts applicants by their grades on the preqs & teas score instead of by lottery. I just graduated in Dec. I got in the first time I applied with three "B"s and one "A"s on the prereqs. (Eng1, Anatomy, Physio & Micro") & an 86% on the teas. Good luck.
  5. by   daphne papi
    Thanks for the advice. I have also looked into SJVC's RN program in Visalia. Any thoughts about that program??
  6. by   misspinkmeow
    im wondering about SJVC RN too....