1. Hi...I have active license of registered nurse in New York State. I want to do endorsement in California board of nursing.i graduate in India..I verified my academic record by cgfns..so my question is..when I will apply for endorsement to California board..may need to send the academic verification report directly from New York board to California or I can send the report with endorsement application to California board...plz help me...I think I don't need to send the transcript from my school because my education is already verified by cgfns...plz help me I m confused...no one helping me..
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  3. by   shibaowner
    Instructions for California licensure by endorsement are spelled out quite plainly on the Calif BON website. Please read the instructions carefully. You must have the transcripts from your nursing school in India sent directly to the Calif BON. Here is the BON link:
    Licensure by Endorsement