Compare Orange County and LA

  1. Which is better - working in a hospital in Orange county or working in LA.

    Salary wise, living standards, rent for 2 bedroom, schools for kids, safe living environment, driving distance etc.

    Will be new to CA. Kindly do post your views/comments. All additional info will be helpful for this novice.
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  3. by   ManEnough
    Both OC and LA are *way* too large and diverse to fit neatly into categories. Each has areas with the some of the richest and poorest populations in the country. Each also has its share of great and embarassingly bad hospitals.

    I'd start with what's most important to you. (re: schools, commute times, etc.) and a realistic budget. From there, you can narrow down areas within LA and OC and find a place that fits your needs.

    Good luck on your journey.