college of desert rn program fall 2013

  1. has anyone applied to cod's rn program for fall 2013? has anyone been accepted into cod's rn program? if so what was your pre-reqs grades? mines aren't all that great that's why i am so worried i will not get in because my pre-reqs gpa is only i even have a chance at getting in? please stressed out im not a bad student... i just don't have the time to study like im supposed to...i am a working full time single mother with two children and couldn't dedicate my time to so much studying...i was lucky if i even got 10 hours of studying a week
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  3. by   E2NURSE
    Good luck! I went and graduated from there and its only getting harder to get accepted into COD...
  4. by   Ladykeshar
    how was the program there?
  5. by   E2NURSE
    It was really good They prepare you good to pass the Nclex on first time taking
  6. by   journey2nursing
    Did you get accepted? If so congrats! If not - did you apply for the Fall 2014 Spring 2015 application period? I have applied to COD 6 time without any luck - fingers crossed this time!