Chaffey College LPN Program

  1. Hello all,
    I started my first semester in the LVN program at Chaffey College in Chino, CA this past August and so far it has been ok. But I keep hearing horrible rumors about the later semesters and how difficult and stressful they are. I am wondering is there anyone out there who has gone through the Chaffey College LPN Program or is in a later semester that knows the real deal. Is it really "hell" like everyone says or is it simply just scare tactics? I just want to know what I am getting myself into :-)
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  3. by   lamadredezoey
    sorry nobody ever replied but by now I'm assuming you've completed the program, I'm about to wrap up my required courses to apply. Is it really as bad as they told you? Ive heard horror stories about the RN program but not the LVN so thought I would ask you now

    thanks in advance
  4. by   invisibleshoes
    I've actually heard more stories about the RN program...pretentious instructors, drama, admission issues, students dropping out, etc.,