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  1. Hi everyone. I wouldn't ask for your help if I can actually get through the phone lines up @ Sac board of nursing. It's busy ALL the time. I was hoping someone could answer my questions. Can I send in my application before I graduate (while the school will submit my transcript once i do)? Has anyone tried to change their address, how can u do that when the phone lines are busy all the time! Thanx for your help!!! I'm in PA now and trying to do this licensing stuff and going crazy.
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  3. by   travrn04
    have you tried the website? you have to register to change your address/name.. its
    good luck and congrats :hatparty:
  4. by   SJSU_Mami
    Yes, you can submit it now. Its good to just get in the system. I sent mine in the beginning of the last semester and received my IP and ATT a few days after graduation. Make sure your school sends your final transcript after your degree has posted onto it. Just make sure you update your address when you get here.