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    I graduated from Nursing last June but took a break and just decided to apply last October. I submitted my application on 10-13-17. I then received a letter from the BRN stating that they had not received my transcripts from my school. I called the nursing secretary and found out that she never submitted my request. I then went to the school myself turned in my request myself. My transcripts were finally sent to the BRN on 1-17-18. I'm wondering if anyone would know how long I should wait for them to receive my transcripts now that they're currently review applications submitted 11-16-17 thru 11-30-17. Thanks.
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  3. by   vinnyfromtheblock
    The BRN has received your transcripts for sure. You just have to wait for them to send you the eligibility letter. You might also want to register at Pearson Vue website and pay $200. I heard others did that, and they got their ATTs before their eligibility letters. Or you can also make an account at in order to see your current or pending status.