Best sources/websites to get information regarding New-Grad Programs in Northern Cali

  1. I know during this economic crisis, it's probably easier to find a leprechaun riding a unicorn than it is finding an open New-Grad Program. I just passed the NCLEX-RN so my job hunting officially starts today. I just wanted to get as many sources I can regarding New-Grad Programs in Northern California or even all of California. Recent events coming up, website links or any other sources would really help a lot. Anything that would be a good place to start looking. Thank you all in advance.
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  3. by   NickiLaughs will let you know upcoming hiring events, though most of them recently are turning away new graduates. Many hospitals will have some section that informs you of when they are hiring new grads, in some cases, the hospital has to be contacted directly. The economy is difficult here, please do not relocate until you have a position for sure. Many hospitals are canceling or restricting their new graduate programs. So there is much competition.
    Good luck!
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    there will be a virtual job fair this 4 pm pacific time. just log in to