Best hospitals in CA?

  1. Hello, I was wondering what are "travel friendly" hospitals in LA, Santa Barbara, Beverly Hills, SanDiego, and Pasedena? Any comments or info on hospitals in these areas will be greatly appreciated! I will be going to CA in January as a traveller. Thank You!!
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  3. by   helenai
    Hi there. i am a scottish nurse who has been back home for 4 years now after almost 18 years in north america albeit the majority of my time was in canada. i worked for one year in los angeles and from a personal perspective avoid the brotman medical centre at all costs. Good luck
  4. by   carebearRN
    Thank you for your response, i will definetely avoid that place!
  5. by   Gomer
    You really should find out with which hospitals your travel agency has contracts. Not all hospitals use every agency.

    If I were traveling and wanted the southern CA area I would suggest Huntington (Pasadena), Cedars (Beverly Hills), Cottage (Santa Barbara), Scripps (San Diego). You should also know that not all hospitals have ER's or MTY/LD or in-patient Psych so where you end up will also depend on your specialty.

    There are probably more hospitals to avoid than work at.