Bay Area Great Hospitals

  1. Any great hospitals that anyone can recommend in the Bay Area?
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  3. by   jewelsg627
    I worked at Stanford for 2 years...they are awful. (JMHO). Then again, I worked in the clinics. I have heard that when your inpt, you are treated with great care. The reason I didn’t like it was b/c of it's massive disorganization. The manager of the clinic I worked for was one of the worst people I have ever met. Totally unorganized.

    I was actually in the ED myself @ El Camino - excellent care. I really liked them. Same with Good Sam in San Jose - both excellent facilities, highly recommended.

    LPCH is great. I worked as a volunteer there for about a year. Excellent nurses and great hospital. I hear Sequoia (RWC) is supposed to be good too, but I don’t know much about them, as I have never been there myself.

    Hope that helps!
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