Bakersfield new grad

  1. Hello
    i am a new grad in Bakersfield and I'm wondering what is a fair salary here
    i was offered a position at a rehab facility for $35/hr I have a BSN
    but it would be physically demanding
    please help!!!
    also what do you think is the best hospital here I would love Mercy but they keep rejecting my application
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  3. by   SqrB3ar
    35 seems low for my part of town (Sac) - not sure how long or how much luck you been having with searching for jobs, but if this is what you can only get and absolutely CANNOT commute further out of Bakersfield for a better position, then I would accept it. Always remember, some experience is better than no experience. You can always keep your eyes open if this isn't your ideal dream job/niche.

    Which facility are you at? Have you tried Kern and Adventist? I know up north Adventist doesn't offer as much for mgmt/corporate positions compared to former Dignity (they're changing their name now d/t a merger), so I'm sure it's probably the same with staff RNs.
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