Average San Diego Pay Rate

  1. Interviewed for some RN positions in San Diego and in anticipation of an offer, I am wondering what a fair hourly rate is for a 5 year experienced and certified nurse?
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  3. by   NurseKO93
    Hi there! I'm finishing up my nursing program but have received a new grad job offer here in San Diego. Based on the pay scales I've seen for experienced nurses, you can probably expect a base pay ~$50ish an hour before any differentials/benefits depending on which hospital system you get into for a Clinical Nurse II position. I've heard Kaiser pays the most, but Scripps UCSD and Sharp are not too far behind in the grand scheme of things. UCSD posts their pay scales online, and you can do a google search to find it so you can become more familiar with their wage structure. Good luck with your new job search!