Accepted in FCC RN program Sp2019

  1. Did anyone else get accepted into the Spring 2019 RN program at Fresno City College? I just did and was curious as to how many others did as well! I'm so anxious to start!
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  3. by   paigers4
    Hi! I got in for the Spring of 2019 too. I was actually an alternate for Fall '18 but didn't get in. I am really anxious to get going also, but am enjoying the downtime until then. Do you know when the orientation is in November?
  4. by   Future_RN_CA
    It's November 2nd I believe! Congratulations! I'm also enjoying down time before the program begins.
  5. by   justinev
    I was also selected into FCC's Spring 2019 RN program and I'm wondering if there's anybody else who is not from Fresno that is thinking about moving to Fresno around the end of the year or if anybody who already lives at Fresno have any suggestion/recommendations for apartments that are relatively cheap. I want to start inquiring as soon as possible. & congrats to those who were selected!