A-BSN Prerequisites questions, and those who are in the program

  1. Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to get some insight about everyone who is applying for an accelerated-BSN program in SoCal in 2018. Are some of you repeating your undergraduate degree courses for a more competitive GPA for the NON-science prereqs to get accepted? (i.e oral communication, written communication, critical thinking, psych, etc.)

    Also, anyone that is currently or has been in an A-BSN program, were you able to replace one of those non-science prerequisites with a upper-division GE instead?
    Might save us a lot of time!

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  3. by   babeinboots
    I've finished my BSN already but I would say to first check with the school you are applying to and make sure they accept your highest grade. My university only accepted the first grade given so repeating classes would have not made a difference. Some schools also only give you a certain amount of attempts to complete a pre-req and Ws count as an attempt. Also schools that use a point system to decide who is accepted may take points away for any repeats. Definitely get all the facts first before making a decision. Good luck!