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California Microbiology with Lab


Specializes in Oncology. Has 5 years experience.

Hello all,

I am applying for licensure by endorsement to get my California license. It has been well over a year since I applied and it has been a difficult path to get the license--now, they have told me I require Microbiology with Lab to get my license (I didn't need this class to get my BSN). I am now having the hardest time finding a school that is accredited by the CBRN to get this class done. To add insult to injury, the CBRN is not even accepting online lab courses despite nearly every single school (that I've called, anyway) having switched to online formats due to COVID.

If anyone has done Microbiology with Lab at a community college in California, please let me know the name of the school so I can register with them ASAP.

Thank you!