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California Endorsement/Transcripts

by CGB1 CGB1 Member Nurse

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I am about to start the arduous process of CA licensing. My schools send sealed transcripts that you order online, but it looks like California wants a form sent to the schools and then to them. Is this really necessary, or will the BON process the application if I just have my transcripts sent?

Thanks for any experience you are willing to share regarding this process!

Great question! Given how picky California can be about educational requirements, I think they are going to want the form's questions answered explicitly. That will slow your progress, especially if your school of nursing uses a third party to fill transcript requests who cannot answer the form questions.

However, you can speed things back up by requesting a temp. That is good for 6 months and is renewable. Transcripts are not required for the temp. If you do the Livescan in California and the stars align, you could get the temp in just a few days.