Calibrating medical equipment


I am a CRC at a small clinic. The previous CRC kept calibration logs of the equipment that she calibrated herself. Examples: she has a 10 kg dumbbell that she places on the scale and if it reads 10kg, she marks it as calibrated. She "checked the centrifuge to make sure plasma and blood separated" and marked it as calibrated. She placed 2 thermometers in the fridge and also the freezer and because they read the same, she marked the thermometers, the fridge and freezer as calibrated. If the ecg appears to be working, she marked it as calibrated. She said if the syphgymometer was at 0 when deflated, she marked it as calibrated. I have a new study starting and they are asking for certificates of calibration for all of these items. I came from a hospital where biomed did all that. How do other clinics handle this?