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calc vs a&p

Which is more difficult atleast in your opinion

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I found calculus to be somewhat difficult but breezed through A&P I & II in undergrad same thing with advanced pathophysiology in grad school. Fortunately NP's dont need calculus but do need a good understanding of A&P and pathophysiology. Hope this helps

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I found calculus harder by far, but it may have been the profs I had because I breezed through precalc but had a really hard time with calc.

i think it all depends since they are very different. It's like comparing apples and oranges. I personally prefer calc over a&p but that's just me since I'm more math oriented. A&P is more memorization involved, no calculations what so ever. So to compare 1 to the other is not fair since they are non related.

I guess my advice is to try your best in all that you do. Soon enough it'll be over in no time!:clown:

Cool wow NPs dont need calculus amazing. Do they need physics i know chemistry is a must

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A&P was not particularly challenging. Calculus certainly was, especially by the time we moved on to multiple dimensions.

With calculus, I could sweat over a problem for 30 minutes and get nowhere... I never had that experience with A&P.

Cool im going to be an NP while my friend is going to be a doctor he told me his calxulus class is 6 credits while my a&p class is 4

Calculus at least to me was like a foreign language. A&P wasnt hard its just a lot of studying.

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This is a really weird comparison but whatever.

Calculus for a lot of people is really hard because its a lot of numbers, letters, and variables. Solving calculus problems is hard, memorizing body parts and their functions not so much. While A&P, I've heard is rote memorization.

pedspnp specializes in General.

Cool wow NPs dont need calculus amazing. Do they need physics i know chemistry is a must

i dont know of any program for np that requires physics if you are doing the CRNA then you need it,


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