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CA RN license help

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by jdj147 jdj147 (New Member) New Member

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So I am really hoping to move to CA from WI after graduation once I can find a job. I have heard from several people that it is easier and less time to apply directly for a CA license than it is to have a WI transferred. So I already paid the $400 for the application to the CA BON. They are set to review my application in a few weeks--by then my school will hopefully have everything sent.

I am still worried that this process will take a few more months based on what I am hearing, and I would hate to have this all be for nothing--such as having issues getting the licensure. If I get the WI license, I would have to pay an additional $100 and then $400 to have it transferred to CA.

Should I just be patient and trust the CA process?? I submitted in early Sept. Or should I try for WI and transfer??

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The requirements for getting your license are the same whether you're a new grad, or getting a CA endorsement. I would just wait...getting your WI license won't make CA move any faster.

The only reason I would get the WI license is if you are thinking about staying there, in which case having that license would make sense.

Patience, and good luck!

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