CA to NY Licensure by Endorsement - how do you know if they've given you the license?


Hello all!

I currently live in the state of CA as a working RN with a plan to move to upstate NY. I have already started the license to endorsement process: I've completed Form 1, required CEUs for NYS and paid the fee. My nursing program has also sent their part over to NY. The only thing I am waiting for is the CA BRN to sign my application and send to NY (which I've been eyeing their processing times like a hawk).

My true silly question is: How do you know if you have been granted a license in the state you are applying? Do you get notified by email? Do you simply do a license name search on their website? Of course there is calling the board too.. What was your experience like when endorsing a license? I want to be able to be sure I have a license in hand before applying for jobs.

Thanks so much and stay sane out there! ?