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212(c) visa screen



I cannot find the area on the form to denote that I meet the 212© exemption criteria. Any thoughts as to where I might locate this??

thank you!!


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Ok, I just scanned the handboook, what you should do as well, lol

The language bit will be n/a for you, they will assess this and if there are happy issue you that certificate and it should be a streamline proccess.

Just fill every bit out very carefully by the book and you'll be ok.


Thank you 5cats! I did not totally understand your message - could you not find the specific 212 clause in the form either?? I am hoping that it will be implied as you mentioned if I leave the English part out as it is my native tongue.


Specializes in intensive care, recovery, anesthetics. Has 17 years experience.

No it's not on the form, but mentioned in the handbook.

They will assess your file, see that you meet the language requirements and consequently you should get that streamlined processed certificate.


Hello again. It is my understanding that I do not need a transcript or even an academic records request having met the 212© criteria. Do I simply need the school to state in a letter that I graduated with the seal and a signature? Is this a "verification of graduation"? I'm finding the handbook to be a little unclear.

Thank you very much.


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ok, scanned that handbook again. First I found item 13, there you can mark your 212 certificate, it's the category, and I'm not sure where you got that info about no academic records? When you look under Chart 2 about the process, it states academic records have to be sent by the school.


The problem with item 13 is that it is only accessible via the handbook. When you fill out the online application, several of the items including that one are missing. Also, when you see a summary of everything, the information is not reflective of what I typed and saved. As for chart 2, this is what I found regarding not needing a transcript and academic records. See the last sentence of number 1 please.

Alternative Process: Section 212® Certified Statement

Section 212® of IIRIRA authorizes CGFNS to issue "Certified Statements" to foreign-educated nurses who meet the following 212®


1. The registered nurse must have been educated in one of the listed exempt countries: United Kingdom (England, Wales,

Northern Ireland and Scotland), Australia, Canada (Quebec approved schools include: McGill University and Dawson College

in Montreal, Vanier College in St. Laurent, John Abbott College in Sainte Anne de Bellevue, and Heritage College in Gatineau),

South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, Trinidad/Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados or the United States. To verify the graduation from an

approved school of nursing other than the U.S, we require that the school send a verification of graduation stating that the

language of instruction and the textbooks were in English. The verification of graduation must carry the official school seal and

signatures. We do not require a full transcript or a Academic Records Form.

2. The registered nurse must have passed NCLEX-RN®. The applicant must be currently licensed to practice in one of five states:

Florida, Georgia, New York, Illinois or Michigan. CGFNS/ICHP must receive a license validation form from one of those states.

3. The nursing school must be approved by CGFNS and must be on the list that CGFNS established in 1999 after its review of the

education in the above countries. Any school founded after November 1999 must be reviewed and approved by CGFNS.

Thank you again!!


Specializes in intensive care, recovery, anesthetics. Has 17 years experience.

Mmh, maybe ring them before you send anything and clarify that. The problem with that online form is, once you've sent it, you cannot make any changes, and if something should be missing it's a pain in the ...you know what, to get that information straight.

If you don't get a decent info via phone, it might be safer to send the paperform.

About the transcripts, yeah it looks like the school doesn't need to send those, if it's an approved school.


Thank you again. Can I send the application in without the liscense number or will this ultimately delay the process of obtaining the visa screen? I have heard mixed opinions on this matter of waiting or not.

Thank you so much for your patience and your time.


Can I send the visa screen application in without a license number from IL. I'm waiting for my license and don't want to slow things down by sending an incomplete application. can I put "awaiting number" in area that requires license information?

thank you in advance!!

what is a citizenship i.d. number??

is a 212© a type of visa as well? - it is listed under the visa categories?

what "professional title" was obtained from nursing school - Bachelor of science in nursing?

Thanks so much in advance. I'm finding this form to be endlessly confusing.

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