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I was wondering if anyone know the time it takes for the BON to post your licence? Just took nclex 8/29/14 @8am & hopefully passed! I keep checking and....nada :whistling:

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Your license won't be posted until AFTER you receive your pass letter and return it with the $150 initial licensing fee. (The first $150 was the application fee)

It takes 2-6 weeks for the pass letter then another couple of weeks once you return the fee& form for them to process and post your license

Oh ok, thanks. I'll stop checking every few hrs then...Such a bummer CA doesn't do quick results. Got the "good pop up" but from everything ive been reading, its not worth much.:(

I took on 8/25 with a classmate. his was on brn breeze 3 days later. my name however is not on there...starting to think I didnt pass :(