Burnout / Work stress app recommendations

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Hi! Does anyone have any recommendations for apps that help with burnout / work stress? Thanks in advance!



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I want to say Tripadvisor or AirBnB, so you can plan your next vacation. They say that the best part of vacations is the anticipation.

Not nursing specific, but headspace or waking up meditation apps get good reviews.

I think journaling and exercise are great, too. My favorite form of exercise is simply walking, breathing fresh air, noticing the flowers and birds, etc.

This is a hard frickin job! We've got to take care of ourselves.





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I don't know about apps, but simple stretching routines (yoga) can help a lot. It helps with any body aches, but also it's amazing how calm you feel afterward, even if it's just a 5 to 10 minutes of it.