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  1. Aloha!
    I'm a home health nurse in a rural area in Hawaii. A pt of mine is a young woman who contracted necrotizing fasciitis on her mouth/face.She's stablized following surgeries, intensive antibiotic therapy and divine intervention.(I'm not super religious, but this kid has angels watching over her!) Now, she's in need of a great surgeon and facility. She needs her lower lip completely reconstructed and I don't think there's anyone in Hawaii qualified to do this procedure. I figure you burn nurses might have some insight/suggestions.
    Thanks for any input!
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  3. by   micola75
    Hey mo-mo
    Though I am not from Hawaii, I have ever nursed a patient with necrotizing fascitis over the face many years ago.I can remember this patient so clearly because she really suffered from this horrible bugs (bacteria). My patient actually lose her nose and the team have to make a fake nose from her. The patient was not nursed in the burn unit ut the burn nurses were asked to help in her extensive dressing change in the medical ward. Yes, she discharged from the hospital and i never heard from her anymore.

    Is there any plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic unit in any hospital over in Hawaii? The plastic surgeons are the teams of doctors that can help her.