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  1. Hi everyone. I have been an RN for about a year now and work on a Surgical Specialty floor. Our patient population is pretty diverse. The three main focuses are Ortho, Urology, and Plastic/limb saving. Our plastic patients are pretty complex and involve amps, flaps, grafts, vacs, maggot treatments, ect.
    I spent my senior preceptorship in a Burn ICU and loved it but felt I needed some "general floor time" and to really understand the basics before going into an ICU full-time. I can't wait to go back and be part of a trauma team. I know my passion is burns, plastics, and wound care.
    The thing is that I would like to specialize and I like teaching (like nursing students or other RNs) the proper way to dress/care for wounds. The students we have had come through love my patience. I just don't know how to go about specializing. I don't want a full WOC certification - I want to focus on burns and wounds only. How do I go about progressing to the next level (grad school) so I can teach in house patients and RNs, and in schools if I choose (like clinicals)? I already have my BS in nursing. Should I go for my CNS? NP? Nurse Educator? I just dont know. Help, please!!
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