Panel Style Interview for Burn ICU

  1. Hey y'all, so I have an interview next week for a burn ICU and its a panel style interview. I am not sure what to expect or what kind of questions they may ask since this will be my first new grad interview. Any tips and advice is welcome!!
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  3. by   Nurse Beth
    Congrats!! Be confident- remember, they already like you
    Make eye contact and project a warm energy.

    They are looking for someone who is safe, teachable, and will fit in. They know you don't have expertise but they will be evaluating you by asking questions such as "What's your greatest weakness?" and "Tell us about yourself". Read Uncomfortable Interview Questions to help you prepare

    Research the organization for their mission statement and find out what you can about their culture and service lines.

    Good luck! So exciting!!
  4. by   WestCoastSunRN
    Congrats on getting the interview! Burns is not for everyone, so they are going to try to gauge your sensitivity to things like kids in pain (if they treat kids) and other things that can be traumatic. They may ask about what you do to take care of yourself. Burns is a very rewarding but tough specialty. Good luck!!

    Also.... you may want to change your user name if that is your real name. I think that per AN terms of agreement? But it's just good practice to protect yourself anytime you post here.
  5. by   marienm, RN, CCRN
    Good luck with the interview! I imagine that a 'panel' interview will be with multiple interviewers all at the same time. Maybe a manager, a charge nurse, a trainer, and a regular nurse from the unit. My institution does this for internal promotions. We had a set list of questions to ask and each of us asked a few of them (which, honestly, is a little weird because sometimes the interviewee has already answered the question). Then we discussed the candidate after the interview.

    I think the challenging things about this style of interview are having to focus on more than one person at once and remember who everyone is/what their role is. On the other hand, it might feel more relaxed and conversational than a one-on-one interview. When they ask you if you have any questions, you're likely to have questions that, say, a floor nurse or trainer can answer better than the manager.

    Hope it goes well!