New ICB in San Francisco! Apply!

  1. Heads up to ICB nurses!

    Saint Francis Memorial in San Francisco is finally moving into their new 16 Bed dedicated ICB unit.... an upgrade from the current 10 bed unit. We are BUSY and will likely be hiring nurses steadily for quite some time. We see patients from all of Northern California, from infancy on upward. We do all aspects of ICU care, including advanced necro fasciitis and TENS/SJS cases. We are ABA certified, have our own OR and outpatient clinic. 1:2 nurse/patient ratio and a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    If you are an experienced burn nurse and are interested in beautiful San Francisco, apply on the Dignity Health website. Be persistent, because our HR has some challenges at the moment. We love Critical Care Nurses who want to try out burns. We like training med-surg nurses who want to bridge into Critical Care. This is NOT a good place for new grads.

    We also need a nurse manager, as our wonderful manager with 30+ years experience is trying to retire soon.

    I'm just a staff nurse on the unit who loves our unit ... I'm not a manager and I have no hiring ability. But if you want more info on us and what we do, PM me with questions.
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