Joseph Still Burn Center

  1. Hello, I am a new RN (3 Mo) Worked as a Certified Medical Assistant for past 10 years. 3 years for Ortho surgeon. During 3 years I worked for Ortho surgeon I came to realize my great fullfillment of performing wound care. I simply feel I am doing the most good for patients when I am part of healing their wounds. I have been told by clinical instructors during nursing school that I should try working in a burn center. I am moving to Augusta Georgia next month and am considering a position at the Joseph Still Burn Center. Anyone with any input?
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  3. by   bwt02
    Well I have been a burn ICU nurse for the past year. Burns are so much more than dressing changes and wound care. These people are quit possibly the most critical they get (fluid resus, organ shut-down, fluid shifts, sepsis, MI's, and cerebral edema). It is also very rewarding when that patient you have taken care of for 2 months walks off the unit. My point I guess is look at everything else involved. Good Luck