How much patients lifting is required in a typical burn unit?

  1. Is there a lot of patient lifting required in Burn Nursing? Your opinions would be great!!!
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  3. by   Jarnaes
    Lots of lifting of various body parts for cleaning and rewrapping and position changes. I worked in the US Army burn unit for a while and it was hard work on so many levels...
  4. by   LiveZen
    Yes, there is a lot of lifting. I work peds burn unit and it usually takes two people to lift/turn a patient (even the little babies) because there are so many tubes/wires/IV's etc. A lot of our patients with new grafts (especially back or flank grafts) must be lifted straight up rather than rolled/turned to avoid damaging the graft.

    A typical lift takes 2 maybe 3 people, but I've had some that take 5 or 6 depending on airway/size of patient/turning restrictions/etc.

    Thankfully our management understands the need for solid staffing so we have plenty of hands on deck!
  5. by   caroladybelle
    Yes, lot's of lifting.