Easter will soon be here!

  1. Hi! i just wanted to start off with, Happy 4th of July!

    after hopping around this forum, i'm now really considering going into burn nursing. i read the worst/hardest posts and wasn't appalled by the very grafic content. no, i was sympathetic. and now i want to help. i'm pretty sure in fact that i can handle it. go figure, i can (or at least think at this point) that i can handle something emotionally draining as burns or pediatric oncology... but absolutely tear up at the thought of working in the ER or psych.

    now for the real questions:

    what classes should i pick in college, which i start in august, to aid me for the fields of burns or oncology? also, what crazy things, people, or attitudes should i expect up front. not say in the work force but in nursing classes and internships and such?

    thanks so much! i respect all ya'll burns nurses do, and only hope that i can emulate ya'll's good style.
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